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IMXHK “Design the Future” Automotive Design Competition     The First-ever Hong Kong Intern of Zagato appointed | F


The International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK), first-ever comprehensive auto-themed event in Hong Kong, will be held from 18 to 24 August 2021.  In order to encourage creativities and innovations of the younger generations, and to promote automotive designs and relevant R&D, International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited, the organiser of IMXHK, has rolled out the “Design the Future” Automotive Design Competition for Hong Kong tertiary students earlier.  The Champion and three other award winners have been selected by the authoritative judging panel according to three criteria – innovation, functionality, and, presentation and execution.


To foster safe driving and passengers’ experiences

Ms Zhou Sui Ying, a graduate of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) of Higher Diploma in Product Design, won the competition as Champion with her work “an”, which is inspired by the inseparable relationship between mother and baby. Just like being embraced by mother, the design allows passengers to enjoy the same comfortability, warmth and safety in car.  Dr Zagato, CEO of Zagato and Head Judge of the competition, said, “The work imitates an embryonic design which is very positive and inspiring. We selected this design as Champion as it brings the concept and idea to life practically.”  In addition to a HK$20,000 scholarship, Zhou will also fly to Italy in mid-2021 to become the first-ever Hong Kong intern of Zagato, one of the world’s leading automotive design studios, to embark on a three-month enriching journey.


Mr Liu Shing Kai, another graduate of HKDI of Higher Diploma in Product Design, won the Best Presentation Award.  The Best Futuristic Design Award was attained by Mr Xue Lichen, a Year 3 engineering student at City University of Hong Kong.  Ms Vesta Koo, a graduate of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) (Tsing Yi) in Higher Diploma in Engineering won the Best Function Award.


Authoritative judges to select winners

The competition encouraged participants to create their distinctive cars for the year 2050 in Hong Kong.  The first round of panel review was conducted by distinguished members of the industry and academia in Hong Kong, including (in alphabetical order of surnames): Dr Ringo Lee (President of The Hong Kong Automobile Association & Chairman of The Institute of The Motor Industry Hong Kong), Dr Chunhua Liu (Assistant Professor, School of Energy and Environment of City University of Hong Kong), Dr Lawrence Poon (General Manager, Automotive Platforms & Application Systems R&D Centre of Hong Kong Productivity Council), Mr Alan Tam (International award-winning Hong Kong car designer), Dr Hong Tao (Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Prof Alan Yip (Chairman of Hong Kong Design Trade Association).  The panel members initially shortlisted finalists and then Dr Andrea Zagato selected the Champion and the other three award winners.


The International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) will be held from 18 to 24 August 2021 with a brand-new positioning to better leverage on the competitive edges of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.  Taking one step further from traditional motor shows, the new positioning of IMXHK aims to create a platform for car brands and autotech companies to seek financing channels, investors to explore potential projects, brands to exchange and hunt for new partnerships, and, for consumers to meet their next vehicles.  IMXHK is set to be a commercial led, knowledge based, and opportunities driven motor event for future mobility, striving to redefine the functions of a motor show as well as the scope of its stakeholders in the era of transformation.


About Zagato

Zagato is an Italian car building and design centre, specialised in developing special super lightweight bodies for sports cars for various car manufacturers, including Ferrari and Lamborghini.


It is now fully dedicated to the re-launch of the iconic brand Iso Rivolta. The Iso Rivolta GTZ is the tribute of Zagato to the Iso Rivolta A3, which was one of the best interpretations for lifestyle and racing, in the early to mid-60s.  The A3/C was the “competition” version, and won twice its class at Le Mans, and surely was one of the strongest contenders of Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche back at the time.  For lifestyle, what better than having Johnny Hallyday as one of its most important clients?


Nowadays Zagato Atelier has successfully re-launched the brand, after the provocation started in 2017 in Tokyo with the Vision GT, officially requested by Sony for its PlayStation gamers.  Today all of these are only available for very selected and limited clients, for long term partnerships.


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