IMXHK “Dream Car 2050” Children Art Competition

As a pre-show event of IMXHK, “IMXHK Children Art Competition – Dream Car 2050” offers all primary school students in Hong Kong who are passionate about future mobility and art/ design an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity by drawing their dream car of the year 2050.

Miss IMX Contest

Miss IMX Contest sets to select the most cheerful and energetic girls to be IMXHK Ambassadors. The girls would be responsible for greeting visitors, posing for photos, and interacting with the guests at IMXHK.

Miss IMX Casting has been held on 8 July 2022. The Final Contest will be held on 11 December at IMXHK.

Webinar: Value and Trend of the Classic Car World

History plays an important role in the classic car world, determining not just what is collectable, but valuable. The Webinar aims to introduce the potential and investment opportunities of classic cars and bring you to this old yet emerging market. Details to be announced.