Hong Kong Inter-school Race Track Design Competition invites all local non-tertiary students to showcase their creativity and imagination by designing iconic and virtual Hong Kong racing circuits with landmarks and features of Hong Kong. By using the latest technologies and designated software, participants will create unique and personalised tracks by combining elements of real scenes, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) which may further develop into localised Hong Kong eSports games and installed in eSports simulators.


As one of the “Hong Kong Design Initiatives” of International Motor Show Hong Kong (IMSHK) driven by the organiser, International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited, competitions for the younger generation, automotive-technology themed events, programmes, discussions, ideas and strategies will be arranged to ensure a vibrant and resilient future for Hong Kong industrial and technological design and innovations.

IMSHK, the first large-scale global automotive event in Hong Kong, which strives to provide a platform for showcasing the latest automotive technologies and state-of-the-art motor designs from all over the world, will be held from 10 to 14 July, 2020 at AsiaWorld-Expo.

Competition Details

1. Design Background

● Background setting

Use Hong Kong as a blueprint to design iconic and virtual racing circuits, by choosing one district, a mixture of different districts or even create new districts of Hong Kong as background

● Race track layout

May adopt existing streets in Hong Kong or create new ones. If real scenes to be used, team members would need to take photos of real streets, buildings, etc., and convert images using software for adaptation

● Surroundings

Items with Hong Kong features must be applied, such as landmarks, iconic buildings and infrastructure, well-known sightseeing spots, outdoor advertising banners, etc. These items can appear in another district apart from where they are originated

● Other components

Different images or graphs are pre-installed in the designated software, such as race track seating with audience, trees and greenery, rails, etc. Participating teams can enrich the design by incorporating these components

2. Requirement of Entries

● Participating teams are required to design iconic virtual race track of Hong Kong. The race should not take more than 1.5 minutes

● The entry should use Hong Kong as a blueprint to design, with application of reality, VR and AR and insertion of landmarks, iconic buildings and infrastructure, sightseeing spots, outdoor advertising banners, etc. of Hong Kong

● Designated logos such as logos of organisers and sponsors must be adopted in the design

● Entry submission with an abstract of explanations is necessary to facilitate understanding. Information such as background, design concept, circuit layout, etc. on A4 size paper with no more than 300 words and PDF format is required

● A maximum of 20 minutes video footage taken by participating teams showing production process and originality of entry must be submitted

● All information can be presented in either Chinese or English

3. Competition Format and Timeline

● Online registration (2 Dec 2019 to 17 Jan 2020)

- Participating teams will receive email confirmation from the organiser after registration and screening

● Welcome meeting and workshop (18 Jan 2020)

- Welcome meeting will be arranged to introduce competition details and requirements

- Teacher in charge and at least 2 members from each team are required to attend

- Workshop on software usage will also be arranged on the same day. Speaking notes, CD rom and online resources will be shared

● Workshops and consultation sessions (Feb – Apr 2020)

- Workshops with different themes and focuses will be arranged every month in stages

- Teacher in charge and at least 2 members from each team are required to attend every workshop

- Participating teams have one free consultation session monthly to refine software application skills

● Submission of entries and announcement of semi-finalist teams (late May 2020)

- First entry submission with an abstract of explanations and video footage

- Semi-finalist teams will be selected

- All entries will be showcased on official website and Facebook fan page of IMSHK for public online voting activity

● Final submission by semi-finalist teams (late Jun 2020)

- Semi-finalist teams will submit final entries in late June 2020

- The judging panel will review and select finalist teams for final judging

- All final entries will be showcased on official website and Facebook fan page of IMSHK for public online voting activity

● Awards presentation ceremony (10 Jul 2020)

- Winners will be invited on stage to accept awards and certificates, and conduct sharing session with audience

- All the participants will receive certificates for encouragement

● Other related activities (10 – 14 Jul 2020)

- Finalist teams’ work will be installed at simulators for visitors’ trial at IMSHK

4. Eligibility and Entry Criteria

● All non-tertiary local students aged 15 or above are eligible to join

● Since the competition requires participants to have specific skill set to perform different tasks, it is an inter-school competition and a team of maximum 4 members is recommended

● Members of participating teams will work together and perform various roles such as “future” photographers, town planners, surveyors, designers, software integrators and project managers

● Interdisciplinary team or team comprises members from different forms is also encouraged

● A participating team must be supervised by a teacher who will certify that all team members are students eligible to join the competition

● No more than 2 teams from the same school is eligible to enter the competition

5. Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards


The Champion

- Scholarship HK$ 12,000

The First Runner-up

- Scholarship HK$ 9,000

The Second Runner-up

- Scholarship HK$ 7,000

The Best Creativity Award

- Scholarship HK$ 6,000

The Most Online Voted Award

- Scholarship HK$ 6,000

Outstanding Cooperation School Award

- A trophy

The Most Supportive Online Voter

- HK$1,000

* All participants will be given certificates of participation as an encouragement

* The organiser will acquire all intellectual property rights of the winning entries for future development and adaptation use

6. Judges

The judging panel comprises elite members of industry veteran and experts from academia.

Head Judge

Mr Lawrence Yu, SBS, MBE, JP

Hong Kong Automobile Association



Mr Terence Leung


Senior Manager, Esports and Youth Team

Mr Thomas Leung

ProRacing Limited


Ir Dr Eric Liu

Vocational Training Council

Deputy Executive Director

Mr Kenneth Ma

FRD Motorsports


Dr Jenny Yao

Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Director of Circuit Design & Safety Research Center

Mr Frank Yu

Craft-Bamboo Racing Team


7. Judging Criteria and Guidelines



Innovation and creativity


Application of software




Presentation and execution


Teamwork and punctuation


*The organiser reserves all rights to matters relating to the competition including competition format, rules, disputes and disqualification.

8. Workshops and technical support

● Various workshops for participating teams will be arranged and usage and application of software will be introduced

● Participating teams may reserve for free monthly consultation session. The solution provider reserves the right to arrange consultation at designated time slots or arrange consultation with other participating teams in the format of workshop

● Participating teams may consider purchase software online directly from software provider to work on entries at home or school. Special offer will be provided for participating teams and teacher in charge at HK$148 per month. The organiser and solution provider receive NO benefit from it

9. Events Calendar



2 Dec 2019 – 17 Jan 2020

Online application

Late Jan 2020

Welcome meeting and workshop

Feb - Apr 2020

- Workshops

- Free consultation sessions provided by solution provider

Late May 2020

- First entry submission

- Selection of semi-finalist teams

- Public online voting activity

Late Jun 2020

- Submission of final entries

- Final judging process

- Public online voting activity

10 Jul 2020

Awards presentation ceremony at IMSHK

10 – 14 Jul 2020

Trial of finalists’ work at IMSHK by visitors

Contact Us

International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited

Email: info@imxhk.com

Tel: +852 3511 6199

Terms & Conditions

1. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights and Plagiarism

1.1 By the act of entering the Competition, participating teams are assigning to the organiser the perpetual, royalty free, unlimited, unconditional use or modification, and reproduction rights of their submission.

1.2 By the act of entering the Competition, participating teams agree to assign the intellectual property rights of winning designs to the organiser.

1.3 All entries to the Competition must be the original work of the participating teams. Participating teams found to have committed copyright infringement in their work will be disqualified.

1.4 Participating teams found to have committed acts of plagiarism in their work will be disqualified.

1.5 If the winning designs found to be not an original design or have committed acts of plagiarism, the organiser has discretion to forfeit the awards and prizes without any liability to the participating teams, and other entries may be selected as the winning designs.

1.6 Participating teams shall bear full legal responsibilities arising from any breach of intellectual property rights in respect of their entries, and shall indemnify the organiser against any claims and liabilities arising from any such breach.

2. Use of Information

2.1 All information including personal data of the participating teams will be used by the organiser for purposes relating to the Competition, this includes the disclosure and transfer of information to the judges and the media, posting on the official website and online platforms, or other official publications and for use in activities organised in the future by the organiser. The information may also be used for promotion and publicising of the events.

2.2 Participating teams may be requested to attend publicity campaigns, e.g. promo shooting at schools, venue where workshops take place or any other occasions, promotion activities and media interviews.

2.3 While every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of each submission. It is suggested that highly sensitive materials be excluded from the entry. The responsibility for the protection of intellectual property ultimately lies upon the participating teams.

2.4 For promotional purpose, the organiser reserves the right of photo and video recording at any events of the Competition and public the pitching.

2.5 The organiser owns the right to use video footages submitted by participating teams as deemed fit, including but not limited to creating “making of/ behind-the-scenes” clips for promotional purpose and release on any possible platforms.

3. General Rules and Regulations

3.1 The organiser will not be responsible for computer failures due to computer viruses transmitted or any data loss due to computer failure.

3.2 Any participating team who causes undue disturbance during any workshop, networking or related activities may be disqualified and/or expelled from the venue.

3.3 The decision of the judging panel on all results shall be final and conclusive. No appeals will be entertained.

3.4 The organiser reserves the right to alter or modify the rules or schedule of the Competition where necessary.

3.5 Participating teams have to agree, adhere to, and abide by the “Eligibility and Entry Criteria” and “Terms and conditions” of this Competition. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify participating teams who fail to conform to the rules, or violate any of the above rules and regulations.

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