Government Funding

Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

IMXHK has been approved by the Trade and Industry Department (TID) as an eligible promotion activity, i.e. Exhibitors at IMXHK may opt for the funding support from the EMF.

The EMF set up by TID has extended the application eligibility from SMEs to all non-listed companies in Hong Kong, regardless of the number of employees. The maximum grant from TID reaches 50% of the total exhibition expenses, including rental, booth construction cost and other advertising cost, with a cap of HKD 100K for each application.

An applicant enterprise may file an application for initial payment of the estimated expenditure items eligible for EMF four months before the commencement of a promotion activity. For each successful application for initial payment, the applicant enterprise will receive an initial payment of up to 75% of the total preliminarily approved government funding.

For further details, please visit TID’s website at

For any enquiries, please contact IMXHK on +852 3955 1152.

Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestics Sales (BUD Fund)

BUD Fund is set to help businesses registered in Hong Kong to tap into or expand its Mainland China market and FTA areas (including Macau) through different means, including taking part in exhibitions in Hong Kong which can help achieve the same purpose, whilst IMXHK is one of those.

Under this scheme, the maximum grant will be 50% of the overall expenses with a cap of HKD 1 million for each application; each corporate is entitled to a grant of up to HKD 6 million.

For further details, please visit the official website at

For any enquiries, please contact IMXHK on +852 3955 1152.