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Don’t miss it! International MotorXpo Hong Kong 2021

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A Multinational Display of Bleeding-edge Innovation

IMXHK is a platform that connects opportunities in future mobility —
CASE: Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing and Electric 

With the rise of electric vehicles (EV), intelligent transportation, autonomous driving and shared cars, etc, the automotive Industry is entering a new era that is developing into an ecosystem closely linked to technology R&D and financing. As an international city,  Hong Kong keeps up with the pulse of the times and takes a leading role in auto financing and mergers and acquisitions with financial advantages. 

As the first-ever auto-themed mega event in the city, International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) 2021 aims to become an international platform for industry players and relevant operators to showcase their latest luxury cars, supercars and concept cars, alongside innovative technology, components and parts. 

Under the theme of “Mobility+”, International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) 2021 aims to become a platform connecting the world’s best builders, finest brands and most admired designers with modish individuals. At the same time, it serves  as a platform lining up the opportunities in future mobility with potential investors and partners worldwide.

IMXHK 2021 is scheduled from 1st through 5th December 2021 at AsiaWorld-Expo. It also disclosed the amazing event highlights in the kickstart ceremony on 29 September 2021. Ms. Carmen Au Yueng, General Manager of International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited expressed her desire to bring a revolutionary event revolving around the themes of mobility. “The contents in IMXHK are distinctive from those ordinary open car shows which previously exposed – with the varied nature of IMXHK, we dare to provide brand new involvement unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.”

With various diversified activities, IMXHK 2021 not only focuses on motor exhibitions but also emphasises on audience experiences. This promises to be a “must-see” for all car lovers, industry players, and families. 

Mr. Benjamin Wong, Head of Transport, Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturing, InvestHK would like to express deep appreciation to the organiser of IMXHK for the exemplary contribution to the development of the exhibition industry, placing high hopes on the event will speed up the fusion of innovative elements, promotion of automobile culture as well as bringing brand new experiences for exhibition industry, facilitating the development of a diversified economy.

Dr. Ringo Lee, President of Hong Kong Automobile Association and Honorary Advisor of IMXHK, said that the concept of “Mobility” is no longer limited to “peer-to-peer transportation”, but more likely to underline on future concept such as green energy adoption, advanced automobile technology and etc, to improve passenger satisfaction, interactivity during the trip and articulate the synergy effect in other aspects. With the CARnival, he expressed great expectations from the new opportunities raised by IMXHK and hoped that everyone shows involvement in depicting  the “Future mobility” blueprint.

What Future mobility is?

Future mobility is about CASE: Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing and Electric. As the first-ever auto-themed mega event in the city, International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) 2021 aims to become an international platform for industry players and relevant operators to showcase their latest luxury cars, supercars and concept cars, alongside innovative technology, components and parts. 

A World-class Display Of Cutting-Edge Brands And Technologies

Designer Zone is one of the most anticipated sessions of the exhibition, gathering

GFG Style, Pininfarina and other top designers, the audiences are able to experience design philosophies exclusive to regions outside of Hong Kong and the Asian sphere. 

Hong Kong’s automotive strength however cannot be left out of the conversation – the “Autofest” will present Hong Kong’s rich history of the automotive industry; To facilitate the expression, car clubs in Hong Kong will showcase classics and featured collection models.  

Luxury Fashion Brands Cross-converge At The Mass CARnival

Breaking the tradition of motor exhibitions – IMXHK brings in international influences and seamlessly links the luxury brands with the automobile brands. The exhibition includes interactive elements such as experiential sections and esports, attracting professionals, car enthusiasts and other fanatics while appealing to the general public. Other activities such as family “car assembly” workshops, STEM workshops, and RC Car performances are included to satiate holiday itches.

Fashion brands are no exception to the event as prime guests with flourishes in different avenues. Renowned watch brand De Tournemire specially designed 8 unique limited edition watches for IMXHK 2021 – adding to the prestige of this event. In addition, the luxury brands that are involved in IMXHK come from different high-level categories, such as royal jewelry, famous wines and yachts. One jewelry brand that combines rare jewelry into cars to create unique and precious treasures, which will display at the Expo. 

IMX Carnival stands out as an attraction tailored for everyone. For the youngsters, the E-sports competitions provide a chance for them to battle with each other. For the children, they can join the STEM workshops and other fruitful activities to raise their knowledge of automotive engineering,  promote awareness towards traffic safety and road knowledge in a fun way. Parents can partake in different practical workshops to obtain the latest automotive industry information and improve their knowledge of automobile maintenance.

Two Breakthrough Forums probe into Energy, Technology and Financing

Through the changing times, car manufacturing has gone from solely manufacturing to a technological race and finance-heavy industry. As such, IMXHK highlights these new aspects such as unmanned vehicles, and various financing-related exhibitions and Forum. 

The first session of the Forum “Hong Kong’s role in the automotive development blueprint of China” explores how Hong Kong utilises its financial strength and advantages to push forth development in the Greater Bay area. Another session “Prospects for future mobility” goes into the difficulties of technological, energy and market developments of the industry. Experts in tech and finance will be attending the Forum to express their opinions and bring their professional perspectives to the public.

IMXHK Mobility+ x Art Trends

In addition to collaborating with associated brands, there will also be artists participating to give the show more colours. The kickstart ceremony invited renowned local artist Bao Ho to illustrate a model car of local flourish live at the scene. With House of Mua Mua’s additional endorsement of IMXHK, they have also released exclusive commemorative goods for those who have participated!

IMXHK tickets are scheduled to go on sale in mid-October and the public can purchase the tickets through the IMXHK official website. Tickets are divided into $80, $480 and $780. 

For details, please refer to the official website: 

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