Zhou Suiying, HKDI, HD in Product Design, Year 2

The Best Futuristic Design Award
Xue Lichen, City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Engineering, Year 3

The Best Function Award
Koo Vesta, IVE (Tsing Yi), HD in Electrical Engineering, Year 2

The Best Presentation Award
Liu Shing Kai, HKDI, HD in Product Design, Year 2

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Design the Future” Automotive Design Competition offers all students of tertiary institutions who are passionate for automobiles a chance to show their creativity and encourage innovation and excellence by designing their own cars for a mobility concept which can better improve user experience in the future.

As one of the drives of “IMSHK Design Initiatives” of International Motor Show Hong Kong (IMSHK) drafted by the organiser, International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited, for automotive-technology generated events, programmes, discussions, ideas and strategies to ensure a vibrant and resilient future for Hong Kong industrial and technological design and innovations, various programmes will be organised with an aim to let all the competition participants know more about updated market information and have a golden chance to have experience and knowledge exchanges with industry veteran and experts from academia.

IMSHK, the first large-scale global automotive event in Hong Kong, strives to provide a platform for showcasing the latest automotive technologies and state-of-the-art motor designs from all over the world, will be held from 10 to 14 July, 2020 at AsiaWorld-Expo.

Competition Details

About the Competition

Design the Future” Automotive Design Competition invites all students of tertiary institutions to create their distinctive cars or modules within a vehicle (hardware and/or software) for a future mobility concept for the year 2050 in Hong Kong by utilising emerging technologies and demonstrating creativity to optimise excellent future driving experience, bring convenience and accommodate societal needs. Participants are encouraged to submit their designs that could achieve advancement in different areas including innovation, functionality and presentation, regardless of the format and style.

Requirement of Entries

  • Participants are required to submit ideation rendering (either 2D/ 3D) on A3 size paper using any medium, in high quality PDF or JPEG format with a resolution of 300dpi.
  • An abstract with explanations necessary to facilitate its understanding such as background, design concept, application of technology, etc. on A4 size paper with not more than 300 words in English and PDF format is required.
  • Participants are welcomed to submit any other form of supplementary information by using video or animation in MPEG 4 format not more than 1 minute (maximum 10 MB), to further illustrate the design and concept behind.
  • All information must be presented in English.
Competition Format

  • Online registration (30 Sep – 29 Nov 2019)
    - Participants will receive email confirmation from organiser after registration and screening, and may start working on their entries
  • Submission of entries (2 Dec 2019 – 24 Jan 2020)
    - Participants will submit entries on or before 24 Jan 2020 via official website of IMSHK
  • Judging panel’s review and online voting (Feb 2020)
  • Result announcement (Mar 2020)
  • Award presentation ceremony (10 Jul 2020)
    - Winners will be invited on stage to accept awards and certificates, and have sharing session with audience

    - All the participants will receive certificates for encouragement
  • Networking and showcase of entries (10 – 14 Jul 2020)
    - Participants will be invited to the IMSHK to attend seminars/ workshops hosted by members of judging panel or other industry professionals
    - Entries will be showcased at the IMSHK
  • Winning awards (Jul – Sep 2020)
    - The Champion will participate in a 3-month internship programme in Italy at Zagato, one of the most prestigious car design studios in the world
Eligibility and Entry Criteria

  • The competition is open to all full-time students of tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, as well as the 2019 graduates
  • This is a competition for individual participation only
Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards


The Champion 3-month internship programme at Zagato and $20,000
The Best Futuristic Design Award $8,000
The Best Function Award $8,000
The Best Presentation Award $8,000
*All participants will be given certificates of participation as an encouragement


The judging panel comprises elite members of industry veteran and experts from academia.

Head Judge
Dr Andrea Zagato Zagato CEO
Dr Ringo Lee The Institute of The Motor Industry Hong Kong Chairman
Dr Chunhua Liu City University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor, School of Energy and Environment
Dr Lawrence Poon Hong Kong Productivity Council General Manager, Automotive Platforms & Application Systems R&D Centre
Mr Alan Tam Dodo Motor Limited Designer
Dr Hong Tao The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof  Alan Yip  Hong Kong Design Trade Association Chairman
Judging Criteria and Guidelines

Innovation 35%
Functionality 30%
Presentation and Execution 35%
*The organiser reserves all rights to matters relating to the competition including competition format, rules, disputes and disqualification.


As the first large-scale international automotive event in Hong Kong, IMSHK provides a platform for car lovers to have spectacular experience and witness unveiling of the latest models of luxury cars, supercars and concept cars, alongside innovative technologies, components and parts. Members of the judging panel will share market intelligence and future trend of the automotive industry at seminars/ workshops during the show as well.
Participants of the competition not only have chance to gain insights from the judges, but also have direct exposure to them for experience and knowledge exchange. At the same occasion, participants can showcase their first-ever car design products at IMSHK and draw awareness of the public.

Events Calendar

Dates Events
Sep – Nov 2019 Online application, screening and confirmation of participants
Nov 2019 – Jan 2020 Submission of entries
Feb 2020 Judging panel review on entries submitted/ online voting
Mar 2020 Announcement of winners
10 Jul 2020 Award presentation ceremony
10 – 14 Jul 2020 Networking events at IMSHK
  • Showcase of entries
  • Knowledge exchange with judges/ industry professionals
  • Seminars and workshops delivered by judges
Jul – Sep 2020 The Champion to participate in internship programme
Contact Us

International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited

Email: info@imxhk.com

Tel: +852 3511 6199

Terms & Conditions

1. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights and Plagiarism

1.1 All entries to the Competition must be the original work of the participants. Participants found to have committed copyright infringement in their work will be disqualified.

1.2 Participants found to have committed acts of plagiarism in their work will be disqualified.

1.3 By entering the competition, each participant is assigning to the organiser a perpetual, royalty free, unlimited, unconditional use or modification, and reproduction rights of his/her submission.

1.4 Participants agree to assign the intellectual property rights of the winning designs to the organiser.

1.5 The organiser shall not be held responsible for any intellectual property violation by participants.

2. Use of Information

2.1 All information including personal data of the participants will be used by the organiser for purposes relating to the Competition, this includes the disclosure and transfer of information to the judges and the media, posting on the official website or other official publications and for use in activities organised in the future by the organiser. The information may also be used for promotion and publicising of the events.

2.2 Participants may be requested to attend publicity campaigns, e.g. promotion activities and media interviews.

2.3 While every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of each submission. It is suggested that highly sensitive materials, such as patent-able technical drawings or formulae, be excluded from the entry. The responsibility for the protection of intellectual property ultimately lies upon the participants.

2.4 For promotional purpose, the organiser reserves the right of photo and video recording at any events of the Competition and public the pitching.

3. General Rules and Regulations

3.1 The organiser will not be responsible for computer failures due to computer viruses transmitted or any data loss due to computer failure.

3.2 Any participants failing to submit their entries on or before the deadline will be considered withdrawing from the Competition.

3.3 Any participants who cause undue disturbance during any workshop, networking or related activities may be disqualified and/or expelled from the venue.

3.4 The decision of the judging panel on all results shall be final and conclusive. No appeals will be entertained.

3.5 The organiser reserves the right to alter or modify the rules or schedule of the Competition where necessary.

3.6 Participants have to agree, adhere to, and abide by the “Eligibility and Entry Criteria” and “Terms and conditions” of this Competition. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify participants who fail to conform to the rules or violate any of the above rules and regulations.
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