【Major Automotive Themed Event】
International MotorXpo (IMXHK) 2022
One MotorXpo. Two Locations. Triple Excitement

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【11 November 2022|Hong Kong】The first-ever International MotorXpo Hong Kong (2021 IMXHK) was an overwhelming success, drawing in over 160,000 visits, 160+ exhibitors, and 60+ brands and 150+ vehicles. Riding on last year’s success, IMXHK 2022 will continue to promote automotive culture, education, and electronic sports car racing. Offering a breath of fresh air to exhibition-goers while giving automakers a chance to connect with consumers and boost their reputations. Many different companies from all over the world will come together in Hong Kong to celebrate the development of the automotive industry by attending the event that is specifically dedicated to the sector.

This year’s IMXHK will take place from December 8, 2022 (Thursday), at AsiaWorld-Expo and AXA Wonderland in the West Kowloon Cultural District, and will feature an unprecedented four-day, action-packed “One MotorXpo, Two Locations” automotive event.

This year, IMXHK will continue its “Mobility +” theme, showcasing the latest automotive technology, art, and collector cars, in addition to a number of automotive-related performances and competitions. These include: 1) an electric car themed exhibition, 2) a car culture festival area featuring JDM cars and collector cars, 3) the IMX VIP Avenue showcasing stunning car art, design, supercars and other mobility technologies, 4) the Dream Car 2050 Children Art Gallery and the fun-filled CARnival, 5) car-themed gaming, animation and model car displays, 6) the first MISS IMX Contest, 7) the first IMX Outdoor Adventure and many more. In addition, the Expo brings together the world’s foremost automobile manufacturers, internationally famous brands, renowned design experts, and trend-setters. The event will deliver a world-class, one-stop experience for the public by uniting customers, potential investors, collectors, partners, and industry stakeholders through a comprehensive exposition.

IMXHK 2022 Highlights:
A first glimpse of the XTURISMO hoverbike and Air Race plane in Hong Kong
In addition to being the first to see the latest cars from some of the world’s most famous car brands, visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the latest A.L.I. products. A.L.I. is a Japanese start-up company specializing in the development of drones, artificial intelligence and other high-tech industries, as well as the debut of XTURISMO which is a limited edition ground hoverbike of 3.7m long, 2.4m wide and 1.5m high, and is propelled by a propeller on the bottom. XTURISMO is capable of carrying a weight of 100kg.

The world’s fastest, most exciting, challenging and advanced air race – World Championship Air Race or WCAR (formerly known as Red Bull Air Race) will also display an air race plane at IMXHK. The event is currently the third most popular powersports event series in the world. In 2018, the World Championship was televised in 186 territories around the world, with over 270 million supporters worldwide.

Internationally recognised classic car guru to share insights
Another objective of IMXHK is to connect the vintage and modern motoring worlds. This year, IMXHK invited Corrado Lopresto, an award-winning collector of antique automobiles, to exhibit his collection of prototype automobiles, industrial and technical drawings of renowned automobile manufacturers, and medals from his participation in world car collecting competitions. Corrado Lopresto has also taken the unprecedented step of sharing vintage automobile culture with local collectors online, enhancing the significance of IMXHK as a forum for the exchange of vintage vehicle culture.

Gather all kinds of car exciting activities, experience the extraordinary charm of the car together with the family
This year’s IMX “CARnival” family activities included a flight simulator for students to experience piloting a plane, a CLP children’s electric car track, car cartoon related cosplay, an international esports race, IMXHK “Dream Car 2050” Children Art Competition, a Batmobile and Future GPX Cyber Formula themed paint car, as well as many others.

In addition to the expansive indoor exhibition space, IMXHK has introduced an outdoor market and show this year, featuring a three-day motor drift and motorbike stunt performance that provides a stage for local motor sport athletes to show off their skills. After touring the static exhibition at AWE, you can board the free shuttle bus or Airport Express to West Kowloon to watch the spectacle and spend an entire day immersed in automobile culture.

Organising the Hong Kong Auto Racing Competition to create a platform for innovative technology exchange
Hong Kong has embraced e-sports for a long time and it is a quickly rising industry. Simultaneously, e-sports are no longer the only realm of young people and are open to individuals of all ages. In partnership with the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and Z-Challenger, IMXHK will be the first to organise the FIA Hong Kong Race in Hong Kong this year, with a number of local drivers competing. In addition, to enhance the audience’s experience, the new R2V driving simulation game is added this year, utilising the high-performance simulator DRive-X developed by IROC, and for the first time it will be combined with super rare sports car brands such as Devel Sixteen and Zagato to provide a fluid, high frame rate, and extreme gaming experience.

The “Dream Car 2050” Children Art Competition Award Ceremony
The “Dream Car 2050” Children Art Competition, which fostered children’s creativity and imagination, was completed successfully in October, and the response was amazing. The Gold Award winners will be there to receive their certificates signed by Horacio Pagani, the founder of Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili S.p.a. The art-pieces will be displayed in the IMXHK’s Children Art Gallery for visitors to observe and photograph. Children from Hong Kong are able to showcase their creations on an international scale and expand their knowledge of automobile culture, while parents exchange parenting advice.

The Final Contest and Award Ceremony of Miss IMX
The organiser will hold the Miss IMX Contest on the final day of the fair in order to promote automobile culture and boost the ambiance. The models who will compete in the final round will be selected. The most energetic and dynamic model(s) will be selected as IMXHK ambassador(s) to promote local automotive culture internationally.

The experts from electric vehicles and new brands, power supply and charging providers to answer questions from the audience
As the premier automotive expo in Hong Kong, IMXHK is well-aware of the advances and opportunities in the industry, and has established the Electric Vehicle Zone to highlight the latest electric vehicles and related technologies and services, allowing visitors to easily learn about the latest electric vehicle developments. Simultaneously, Hong Kong Automobile Association, Federation of Automobile Services Industry Hong Kong, The Motor Traders Association of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong E-Vehicle Business General Association, the Association of Anto Batteries and Tyres Industry, and leading manufacturers of charging equipment will provide visitors with the most up-to-date information and maintenance suggestions for electric vehicles.

This year, for the first time ever, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) will be participating in IMXHK. CLP Power’s engineers and customer service team will be on site helping users understand the benefits of EV, as well as sharing useful information on the installation of EV chargers and demonstrate the usage of them. CLP Power encourages all parents to experience the low carbon journey with their children through exclusive mini-EV rides and a VR driving game space. CLP Power is committed to acting as the catalyst in the local electric vehicle ecosystem, offering electric vehicle users with a comprehensive customer service package that delivers one-stop solutions to drive electric vehicle conversion and help transform Hong Kong into a low-carbon city.

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